Why travel with us?

Why make your trip with us ?

Our local adviser are at your disposal
(before, during and after your trip)

Our team members all live on site, in the country you are going to visit: we live the local reality and are in the best position to guide you. We advise you on the most relevant destinations and sites according to your travel profile, we choose together your hotels according to your preferences, and point out the best restaurants and we inform you about last minute cultural appointments. What better advise about a country than from someone who lives there?

We are convinced that communication is the key to success when preparing a trip: we establish regular contact when planning your stay. During the trip, your adviser follows you personally at all times and you can contact him at any time (local telephone channels, at a local rate or via the internet).

If you would like one of our agents to call you, write to us indicating your telephone number and your availability (date, time, etc.). We will use skype to call you.

Our guides… experts !

The journey, and the human encounter that is at its heart, forges the soul; it is on this principle that we base our work. The guides we work with, are selected with particular care. They are all locals who have mastered a fine knowledge and understanding of their environment and culture. All of them have the obligatory guide training and are responsible for your complete satisfaction during your stay; therefore, unforeseen events must be foreseen! It is the job of our guides to be prepared for any situation and to offer you the best.

Local meetings

Our idea of travel is not limited to admiring the landscapes or visiting tourist sites: we are convinced that the real magic of a trip is the encounter with the locals, in the exchange with another culture and other customs. Most of our guides speak English, as a second language, so you can easily exchange with them, all of them have at heart and mind to make you discover and love their country. We always try to emphasize the meeting with the craftsman from whom you buy a cloth for example or the restaurant owner who makes you discover the local gastronomy.

Truly personalized journeys

Preparing a tailor-made trip does not cost more than a catalogue trip: we just adapt to your desires and your budget. To satisfy everyone’s needs and desires, we have designed a long list or trios and options and all combinations are possible. All you have to do is ask!
There is also the possibility of putting together a trip from scratch according to a particular theme or desire.
Imagine your journey, we make it happen! Your personal advisor is there to explain the possibilities available to you. Anyone can come to Chile, you just have to think well in advance about your itinerary, so that it corresponds to your desires as well as your budget.

We are the producers and organizers of your trip

No other intermediary seller intervenes in the trips we offer, we fully control your trips and all its excursions. We are the direct producers of your stay.

If there is a problem, we are there !

Sometimes you have to count on the unexpected! The response to a possible last-minute problem (strike, accident, illness) comes in record time.
We maintain total availability through a telephone number to which we answer 24 hours a day. This response allows us to deal with any situation. All the Antipode team reacts immediately to avoid the slightest inconvenience.  

The local collaborations

Our continuous presence in the field and our collaboration with the companies that offer their services (hotels, airlines, train companies...) is direct, continuous, and very close.

A Road Book before your trip

A complete document is given to you before you departure. This Road Book summarizes the highlights of your stay: description of the excursions, precise times of your trips, flight reservation numbers, names of hotels and all practical information for preparing your trip.
It is THE document that accompanies you during your trip. We have designed it to be as complete and legible as possible to facilitate the fluidity of your organization.


We process all your request quickly, between 24 and 48 hours (working days), depending on the complexity of your travel project.
As soon as we receive your request, we give priority to a first call, very quickly, to take stock of your project. Following this call, you will receive a first detailed quote based on our discussion.

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