Our travel at low prices

Latin Americans use a dedicated expression when looking for the best prices: a service that respects the 3 B's: Bueno, Bonito, Barato...

The 3 B trip we have it for you!

Because Antipode thinks of all travelers, whatever their budget, here is an offer of itineraries designed to tour the must-see places, at a contained price. 

During these stays you are completely autonomous to visit the cities, excursions are proposed in services grouped together with English and Spanish speaking guides, except for the most beautiful sites where private French-speaking services are maintained. Finally, although independent, you keep the peace of mind to know each service booked by us: Visits, hotel nights, transportation. A good balance between freedom and organized travel.

By going thus to the essential, we propose you a trip adapted to your budget, while respecting a quality-price ratio among the best of the market!

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