Flowering in the desert: a miracle of nature

A rare natural phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert at irregular intervals. 

This one blooms when the rain, almost non-existent in this place, falls and awakens ephemeral vegetation.

This phenomenon called "desierto florido" has occurred in recent years in 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2015. This year flowering was exceptional and there were two flowerings, one in April and May and the other in September. The luckiest will admire an explosion of colors that gives a completely different face to the desert, depending on the amount of rainfall. These ranges of colors make the landscapes particularly remarkable. Shades of green dominate the month of August, while in September the variety of colors makes the Atacama Desert a magnificent multicolored patchwork.

The rains, which make seeds and inert bulbs grow underground, bring back a spectacular flora, as well as a micro-system where about 200 species of endemic flowers, insects and lizards live together.

The phenomenon concerns the southern zone of the Atacama region. The most impressive areas are in the Vallenar region, on the way between Vallenar and Copiapo.

If you want to enjoy the "desierto florido", the Llanos de Challe National Park is the perfect place to contemplate these beautiful and colorful landscapes. Not to be missed if you are in Chile between September and November!

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