Protection of Chilean Patagonia against hydroelectric dams

One more debate between industrial development and environmental protection

A few years ago, a large protest movement seized Chile to denounce the mega hydroelectric power plant projects in Patagonia, especially in the Aysén region.

According to the State, the industrial actors, including the large electricity companies, the construction of electric dams is justified because of the energy deficiency of the country and the increasing demand for electricity consumption. For example, the construction of a power station on the río Cuervo, was to make it possible to conduct electricity to the capital Santiago.

A total of five power stations were to be built.

Although hydroelectric energy is considered renewable, its impact on the environment through the installation of large power plants and cable networks is not negligible.

A "Council for the Defense of Chilean Patagonia" has been created by Chilean organizations and citizens, as well as a website , but also books, conferences, demonstrations, have been created to protect Patagonia from electric towers and cables that would alter the ecosystems and landscapes of the region.

The risks of pollution of Patagonian rivers and lakes and those of compromising the tourist potential of the region have not been negligible.

Finally, faced with popular rejection, Michelle Bachelet's government rejected the project in 2014 before it was definitively abandoned in November 2017.

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