The Chacao Bridge Mega Project

The Chacao Bridge connects the mainland to the archipelago of Chiloé.

The Chacao Bridge construction project was approved in 2013 under the government of Sebastián Piñera and its construction began the same year.

In spite of numerous protests, the Chiloé people finally had to accept the project, in the face of industrial and political pressure.

The inhabitants of the archipelago indeed feared the arrival of petty crime from Puerto Montt, the breakthrough of mining companies coveting the island's mineral-rich and never before exploited soils, as well as the loss of their island identity.

Finally, the construction of this great infrastructure is today widely accepted and welcomed.

The bridge, as planned, has opened up the island and allowed the development of tourism, among other things, which is already booming since the inauguration of Castro airport in 2012.

It is true that this fascinating archipelago is not lacking in attractions and it is now easier to get there!

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