The Cradle of South American Comics

Among the musts of the Chilean comic strip :


This children's comic tells the story of the meeting between a Chilean peasant huaso and a condor, an emblematic character of the country created by the cartoonist Pepo in 1948, who has become one of the favorite characters of all Latin America.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Talented author born in Tocopilla in northern Chile but living in France for many years. He is the screenwriter of several best-selling comic books, including the series l'Incal, designed with the cartoonist Mobius. He is also the director of the surrealists "El Topo", "Santa sangre" and "La montagne sacrée", the last title to which John Lennon paid homage, to the more than complex scenario.

A prolific writer, he is also the author of the novel "The Tree of the Hanged God", which tells the story of his ancestors in a lush family tree, fueled by the author's overflowing and constantly delirious imagination.

Now a psycho-mage, he exposes in several books this science of which he is the creator.

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