The Terremoto!

Terremoto is a Chilean cocktail without equivalent.

Arrived recently in the culture of the country it has taken a great place and very quickly. Its name refers to the earthquake ("Teremoto") of 1985, and symbolizes the seismic activity of the country.

Very popular drink and very appreciated in hot weather, the cocktail is rather original: a base of white wine that is increased with an alcohol such as cognac or rum. It is served with an ice cream, a kind of sparkling sorbet deposited above like a floating island.

It bears its name particularly well because this beverage quickly goes to your head!

If you order a second glass, then you will have to ask for "la Replica" (the aftershock of the earthquake)!

Present on all bar and restaurant menus, there are bars in Santiago or Valparaiso, for example, that make it their specialty or even the only drink served.

As strong as an earthquake, this fresh and sweet drink is pleasant to sip. However, beware of the jolts and other swirls ...

Consume in moderation but not to be missed during a stay in Chile !

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